Episode 446 - Who’s Dune?

Patrick is falling dangerously close to a genre he swears he’ll never touch… MOBAs. He’s been checking out Arcane, but instead of talking about it, Natalie, Rob, and Cado derail him into an extended news segment? Then, Cado’s living his best hacker life in Midnight Protocol, a tactical hacking game you control completely from a command line prompt. After the break, Patrick is back on his platforming bullshit with Solar Ash, the new game from developer Heart Machine that’s one part Jet Set Radio, one part Shadow of Colossus, and a whole bunch of parts awesome. Rob’s rallying the troops in Company of Heroes 3 multiplayer alpha, the latest in the storied RTS franchise which is now getting a little bit better about giving newer players tools for learning. Then we dip into the question bucket and get to the bottom of Who is dune?

Discussed: Midnight Protocol 19:14, Solar Ash 37:42, Company of Heroes 3 45:47, The Question Bucket 1:09:34

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