Episode 445 - An "Accidental" Pirate

We’re back! After our half week break we’re here and ready to talk about… HDMI splitters and their accidental “perks” if you know what I’m saying. Of course a story about a TV from Patrick was going to lead us into an entire segment on the structure of our entertainment systems and how hard it is to digitally back up our physical media collections. Then, Patrick has wrapped up the end of Unpacking, and find that thankfully the game didn’t skew as dark as he once feared it might. After the break, Cado has been checking out Get In The Car, Loser!, an RPG that tells the story of a queer road trip to defeat the Machine Devil while the Divine Order is on your tail, with an interesting Valkyrie Profile-esq battle system and hilarious writing. Rob on the other hand, has more questions than answers as he dives once more into the world of Sherlock Holmes with Frogware’s Sherlock Holmes Chapter One. Watson is a ghost? You have to equip your thoughts??? Then we round out the pod with a dive into the question bucket with a lot of followups to the water-refill-at-the-drive-thru debate.

Discussed: Unpacking 27:44, Get In The Car, Loser! 43:58, Sherlock Holmes Chapter One 56:06, Question Bucket 1:15:05

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