Episode 442 - Wiggle Waggle Into My Heart

Natalie and Rob went on a tear through Inscryption on last week’s stream, and so now the whole crew has to talk about how awesome this game is. Then special guest Austin Walker joins Cado and Patrick to talk through their time in the Elden Ring network test, and try to contain their hype as they discuss what worked and what questions still remain unanswered about the full game. After the break, the crew talks about the first two episodes of Otherside Picnic, the Roadside Picnic inspired anime about two women who find each other (and quite possibly themselves) in a creepypasta infused version of The Zone.

Discussed: Inscryption 3:30, Elden Ring 26:32, Xbox Back Compatibility 1:02:09, Otherside Picnic 1:05:13, Shin Megami Tensei V 1:42:36, Question Bucket 1:45:25

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