Episode 437 - Let Me Play With My Comics, Maman!

Rob, Patrick, and Cado are joined by special guest Yussef Cole to talk about Guardians of the Galaxy, a surprisingly not horrible action game that has flown over expectations by being just … fine. Patrick and Yussef break down the game’s workable combat, and the way side stories let these characters breath in a way the movies don’t. After the break, Rob has been enjoying a dip into history, both his own and that of medieval Europe in Age of Empires IV, an RTS that not only throws back the clock with its setting, but some of it’s RTS design choices as well. Cado has finally finished Metroid Dread, and is about as high on the movement and combat as he is low on the overall map structure. This leads us into a discussion over MercurySteam's crediting practices and labor practices across the industry.

Discussed: Guardians of the Galaxy 2:54, Age of Empires IV 54:11, Metroid Dread 1:23:28, Labor in the Games Industry 1:33:55

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