Episode 423 - Pot Boy Gang

It’s been a slow week for new releases, but there’s plenty of new Elden Ring news to talk about! First, Cado walks Austin and Patrick through the new Destiny 2 announcements, and how the new structure of Destiny is shaping up after a year of continuous narrative. Austin and Patrick are excited by the implications of new Elden Ring previews, what they mean for invasions and co-op, and the possibility of rolling deep with pot boys. Then Patrick talks us through the Blasphemous 2 announcement and the interesting localization effort around the original game. After the break, Cado is feeling a lot of familiar feelings while playing No Longer Home, a narrative game that takes cues from Kentucky Route Zero and lives up to those references through it’s naturalistic dialogue system. Patrick has dove even further into the recesses of the mind in Psychonauts 2, and finds a more interesting core message after it’s perfectly adequate opening hours. Then we move on to the question bucket for more gift giving gone wrong (or sometimes very right) stories.

Discussed: Destiny 2 8:09, Tencent 25:29, Elden Ring 40:07, Blasphemous 2 53:14, No Longer Home 1:02:53, Psychonauts 2 1:15:36, Dodgeball Academia 1:28:32, Question Bucket 1:31:18

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