Episode 421 - But Doctor, I’m Pagliacci’s [SPOILERS REDACTED]!

Content Warning at 1:22:00 for discussion of Violence against a pregnant woman, Death, Incest, and Drugging

You ever have one of those days where nothing can go right? Well what if you had to have that day over and over again. Sound familiar? No, I’m not talking about the seminal time loop dark comedy Groundhog Day, a time loop I’d rather be stuck in than play another loop of Twelve Minutes. The whole Waypoint Radio crew played through it and boy do we have a meaty spoiler segment for you. Before that, we dipped into the Question Bucket to hear more Christmas stories, and a follow up to a question on getting into rogue likes. That was right after Rob took us through his aesthetically dense but mechanically mediocre experience with The Ascent. Austin is hopeful for the studio behind Foreclosed, a cyberpunk game that has great storytelling and visual style, but lacks a special something in it’s action sequences. Patrick and Rob took us through their mind palace as they explored Psychonauts 2, but not before we talk about Patrick’s article on Unity’s non-gaming ventures and how workers at the company feel about its military contracts.

Discussed (in actual order) : Unity 2:06, Psychonauts 2 35:35, Foreclosed 50:32, The Ascent 53:27, Twelve Minutes Spoilercast (see above for Content Warnings) 1:22:00

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