Episode 417 - Sheets and Sonets, Mulch and Monets

Very special guests Em and Jackson from Abnormal Mapping join Austin and Cado to discuss the hot new game that everyone’s playing: The New York Times Crossword. Thanks to Chris Remo’s new video series, everyone on the pod has been learning the nuances and tricks the NYT like to employ, from esoteric clues that appear again and again to the specific clue construction logic that allow just enough space for multiple interpretations that might still fit in the puzzle. After the break, Cado and Jackson have been checking out Splitgate, the “Halo meets Portal” multiplayer game that has recently blown up, despite it having released a few years ago. Em’s been checking out Final Fantasy XIV, and is having a better time with the new A Realm Reborn changes than either Austin or Cado did with the original content. We also dip into the question bucket to figure out “what kind of Pokemon are you?”

Discussed: The New York Times Crossword 5:33, Halo 4 29:29, Splitgate 40:22, Apex Legends 58:05, Final Fantasy XIV 1:16:57, Back 4 Blood 1:34:00, Question Bucket 1:45:15, Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster 1:48:27

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