Episode 415: Commander Rob’s Heroes

Austin and Cado have joined Rob in the trenches, and they’re having a hell of a time! Commander Rob is joined by a few new squaddies in Hell Let Loose, and someone messed up and let Cado get behind the wheel of a tank. After the break, Patrick is exploring his own cyberpunk hell in The Ascent, an extremely divisive top down shooter with a very slow start. Austin and Rob are scavenging a new exclusion zone in Chernobylite, Cado is doing a dance of deductions in The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles, and the question bucket has all sorts of new music stories in it.

Discussed: Hell Let Loose 7:02, The Ascent 39:45, The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles: 59:14, Chernobylite 1:03:52, Question Bucket 1:11:37, Death’s Door 1:53:12

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