Episode 413: The Saxophone Playing Patrick That Never Was

Austin and Cado are still playing Pokemon Unite, and do some live research into some of it's more hidden forms of microtransactions. Patrick is living his best music playing life with Ragnarock, a VR drum rhythm game with a slightly frustrating boost mechanic. After the break, Cado's been playing The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles, the historical fiction entry into the Ace Attorney franchise that has only just been released outside of Japan despite the first game being six years old at this point. Austin has been checking out Chernobylite in early access, a first person exploration shooter that takes cues from games like S.T.A.L.K.E.R, but with base building akin to State of Decay. Then the crew takes a quick dip in the question bucket and discuss how to get into rogue-likes, even if the structure seems to not be your cup of tea.

Discussed: Pokemon Unite 1:28, Ragnarock 35:31, The Great Ace Attorney 58:09, Death’s Door 1:23:46, Chernobylite 1:28:56, Question Bucket 1:32:26

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