Episode 412: Activision-Blizzard

Content Warning for discussion of Misogyny, Sexual Harassment, and Suicide from 7:28 - 46:49

The video game industry has historically been a boys club. Men have often claimed video games as something women weren't interested in or weren't good at. In recent years that line of thinking has shifted towards inclusivity on the community side of things, but within the industry many of the old company structures are still in place, and still undervaluing and endangering women. This week, the state of California brought a suit against Activision-Blizzard for being "breeding ground for harassment". Austin, Patrick, and Cado discuss what the suit has alleged, the ways in which things haven't changed in the industry, and the ways individuals can help push for change.

After the break we dive back into Boomerang X, and talk about it's wild final boss. Patrick and Austin are enjoying Death's Door, even if they both thing some of the level design could use some fine tuning. And of course, Cado is playing the PokeMOBA, Pokemon Unite.

Discussed: Activision-Blizzard 7:28, Boomerang 46:49, Death's Door 1:13:29, Black Skylands 1:33:09, Ragnarok 1:35:28, Pokemon Unite 1:36:11

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