Episode 411 - Nintendo, Hold That L

Spoilers for Final Fantasy VII Remake: Episode: INTERmission at ~1:24:05

It’s been a very sports filled week for the Waypoint Radio crew. Basketball is good, Space Jam is bad, and Rob’s getting back behind the wheel with F1 2021, with it’s new “Longshot-eqsue” story mode: Braking Point. Patrick’s looking within in Psychonauts 2, and Austin is looking back by revisiting Dark Souls. Skyward Sword HD continues to frustrate everyone, Austin and the crew take a short detour into Colombian children’s books while discussing Cris Tales, a new “Mario RPG-like” that references many Colombian cultural touchstones. Cado has wrapped Final Fantasy VII: Episode INTERmission, and has left with more questions than answers. Then we dip into some more audiophile and food talk in the Question Bucket.

Discussed: F1 2021 10:18, Psychonauts 2 36:48, Dark Souls Remastered 52:28, Skyward Sword HD 57:31, Cris Tales 1:10:13, Final Fantasy VII Remake Episode:INTERmission 1:22:20, Spoilers for INTERmission 1:24:05, Question Bucket 1:42:43


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