Episode 410 - Patrick Klepek is… Gacha Man!

It’s not often that you hear someone describe a first party Nintendo game as “Well… it’s interesting.” But that’s one of the opening remarks Patrick has for The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD. Cado finished Boomerang X and Patrick said he did but, well, I’ll let him defend himself. Rob’s recent foray into the Company of Heroes franchise has culminated in a new release, Company of Heroes 3. The question bucket gets us into a long conversation about cables, and then Valve dropped the Steam Deck.

Discussed: World Flipper 1:04, Genshin Impact 4:42, Skyward Sword HD 7:49, Boomerang X 45:02, Company of Heroes 3 1:02:48, Question Bucket 1:43:07, Steam Deck 2:13:12


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