Episode 406: Dropkick that Little Mage

Content Warning at 1:16:55 for discussion of Suicide and Harassment

The height of summer is here, and what better way to beat the heat than some video games! Rob is finding his Battle Royale sea legs by diving head first into Fortnite. Could this mean the return of a certain Battle Royale duo? After the break, Patrick is bringing color back into the world with Chicory, a paint based zelda-like where you use color to complete puzzles. Austin's been spending his time in the sun golfing with the mushroom kingdom in Mario Golf: Super Rush, but wonders if it wouldn't be a bit more fun to enjoy the results of a swing rather than running between them. Rob and Patrick return to Dark Deity to consider their favorite characters and how the game uses overpowered characters to form a smoother difficulty curve. Then Patrick and Austin discuss the real life tragedy and legacy of programer Near, and the cruelty of online harassment.

Discussed: Fortnite 11:22, Chicory 33:29, Mario Golf Super Rush 41:35, Ender Lilies 54:58, Dark Deity 1:05:37, Content Warningf for Suicide and Harassment 1:16:55

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