Episode 408: The Switchcourse

Austin, Patrick and Cado are back from a long break spent traveling and seeing family, which meant gaming on the go. They've all been playing lots of stuff on their Switches, and bumping up against some of the frustrating issues the now four year old console has. As luck would have it, Nintendo happened to announce a new Switch model this week, but it wasn't quite the hardware upgrade anyone was hoping for. Join the Waypoint Radio crew as they compare some of the games they're playing on Switch to their PC versions and break down how the "4k Switch" rumour mill might have originated.

Discussed: The Switch (OLED) 4:51, Boomerang X 36:43, Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin 56:46, Dark Souls Remastered 1:10:20, Elden Ring 1:32:03, Ender Lilies 1:34:21, Mario Golf: Super Rush 1:35:24

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