Episode 405 - The Terrifying General Karen

As summer temps are climbing, Austin and Patrick are beating the heat in the dank cavelike temples of Phantom Abyss, an asynchronous multiplayer puzzle platformer where each level is can only be beaten once, and the ghosts of other players lead you to their (and possibly your) demise. Austin is also checking out Scarlet Nexus, an action game with an extremely anime story that has us asking "how anime is too anime?" After the break, we get our second dose of anime with Rob who brings us Dark Deity, a Fire Emblem inspired tactics game that might benefit from being a little less like Fire Emblem. Patrick is exploring a new space of creativity that Nintendo has once again botched online support for in Game Builder Garage, and then we take a soup-dip in the Question Bucket.

Discussed : Phantom Abyss 10:52, Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Alliance 22:24, Scarlet Nexus 37:58, Dark Deity 1:00:37, Game Builder Garage 1:13:52, Question Bucket 1:29:17

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