Episode 404 - Live by the Nomura, Die by the Nomura

After a hefty sports/politics minute (look, it was a busy weekend!), the Waypoint Radio crew is here to talk about one of their favorite things, roguelike deckbuilders. Rob is playing Roguebook, a new game designed by Richard Garfield (of Netrunner/Magic: the Gathering fame), which presents a new take on the deckbuilding genre of video games: what if all the cards? After the break, Austin, Patrick, and Cado report back on their time fighting "Chaos?" in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin. Austin has also been checking out Wildermyth, an RPG with proc-gen narrative told through the shifting personality traits of your characters. Then we do a quick wrap up on some of our favorite Steam Next Fest demos before entering an especially cursed Question Bucket.

Discussed: Sports 0:00, What's Good 5:51, Roguebook 22:59, Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin 40:30, Wildermyth 1:00:13, Unsighted 1:12:38, Norco 1:14:33, Question Bucket 1:28:06

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