Episode 400: Open For A Surprise

We’ve got big exciting news at the top of this podcast! But I won’t spoil it here, I love a good surprise! After the announcement the Waypoint Radio crew check in on DragonQuest’s latest announcements, Austin’s hatred of the narrator from Biomutant, Rob’s action hero turn in The Evil Within 2, and the beginning of a new Sonic cycle. Patrick’s also been checking out Wild at Heart, aka: the game where someone wanted to make Pikmin but didn’t work at Nintendo so they made their own. Cado and Austin checked in on Unexplored 2, the follow up to one of Austin's favorite roguelikes, who's new mechanics hew less Rogue and more Indie RPG in an interesting way.


Discussed: Exciting Announcement 00:00, Dragon Quest Fest 18:59, Biomutant 27:04, The Evil Within 2 1:04:20, Sonic Cycle 1:10:30, Knockout City 1:13:31, Wild at Heart 1:14:06, Unexplored 2 1:22:53, More Sonic News 1:31:16


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