Episode 390 - It’s Got Good Hackerfeel

Austin’s starting this week off strong by getting into organization. He’s finding out if he’s up to the job in Wilmot’s Warehouse, a game that swings back and forth from anxiety-inducing collection runs to calm, no limits organizing. Gita is back on the show to talk about the newest from Paradox Games, Stellaris: Nemesis. The crew discusses how add ons to 4x games can often be frustrating to get to, and how they all wished Stellaris had a bit more Crusader Kings III in its DNA. After the break, Cado puts on his best hacker voice to jack into the world of Midnight Protocol, a hacking game with diegetic controls where you type text commands to hack your way through node based maps. Then he takes some time to rock out with Unbeatable, a two-button rhythm game with a killer soundtrack and stylish visuals. Then the crew dives into the question bucket to talk about the places they’ve played games when maybe they shouldn’t have.

Discussed: Wilmot’s Warehouse 8:26, Stellaris: Nemesis 20:45, Midnight Protocol 38:29, Unbeatable 53:41, Question Bucket 1:01:21


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