Episode 389 : God of War: Combat Evolved

Join Patrick, Austin, and Cado as they discuss the poor decisions Sony’s made recently. Patrick is tempting fate by downloading the Final Fantasy XIV PS5 beta, Austin’s wondering if 34 different endings is really worth acting like an asshole in Ashwalkers [spoilers: it's not], and Cado is vibing aesthetically and mechanically with lo-fi strategy deckbuilderToverblade. Then the gang dive into the Question Bucket and reminisce about times they enjoyed meals on the road, you know, before the pandemic

Discussed: Final Fantasy XIV 6:31, Nier: Replicant 20:03, Shadow Man Remastered 24:44, Playstation Shop Closure 30:10, Sony is Remaking the Last of Us 51:52, Ashwalkers 1:08:10, Toverblade 1:28:16, Question Bucket 1:37:53


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