Episode 388: Please Sir, No More Sliders

It was inevitable. Austin fell deep into a new roguelike deck builder so of course Cado and Rob had to check it out. Trials of Fire ate up a fair amount of Austin’s Sunday with it’s engaging hex based tactical combat, with mechanics that allow for easy card recycling so it very rarely feels like you have a wasted turn. Rob continued down his crime drama hole with Judgement, but is finding some of the combat encounters a bit too repetitive. Patrick is learning to take control over his life in Say No! More, the comedy game that has a strong mid-nineties comedy game feel. Then we dive back into the Food, er, Question Bucket to find new untold terrors.

Discussed: Trials of Fire 15:49, El Shaddai 39:36, Before Your Eyes 51:05, Judgement 56:07, Say No! More 1:06:14, Question Bucket 1:18:13


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