Episode 387: Lemme Pour Some Milk on Your Ice Cream

We've got all the HOTTEST news UPFRONT in this podcast, Patrick is here to announce a game delay with a tweet, Rob is bringing the FRESHEST takes on Star Wars: Republic Commando, and Austin is catching up on the lasest season of Riverdale. After the break, Patrick breaks down Nintendo's latest twist on the "battle royale" genre, Pac-Man 99, Cado's giving Outriders a second chance, Patrick checks in with new indie game Before Your Eyes which has an interesting experimental control mechanism, and Rob's living his best crime drama life in Judgement. Then we go for a dive in the Food Bucket!

Discussed: Star Wars: Republic Commando 9:57, Riverdale 25:06, Pac-Man 99 33:26, Outriders 46:56, Aron's Adventure 55:23, Before Your Eyes 59:49, Cozy Grove 1:09:12, Judgement, Question Bucket 1:19:34


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