Episode 386: Cado Season, Like Sandal Season, Is Back!

Sometimes you go for a wrestling finisher only to be countered, and have your own finisher used on you. Such is the situation with MLB the Show ’21, a Sony developed game that went multi-platform last year, in a shocking turn of events is now available on Microsoft’s Xbox Gamepass. Join Patrick, Austin and Cado as they discuss the bizarre circumstances. Cado’s also learned that there continues to be story after the credits in Monster Hunter Rise, Austin’s learning to love the builds in Outriders, and Patrick is wishing for higher definition photos in Fantasian.

Discussed: MLB the Show '21 15:08, Monster Hunter Rise 27:22, Outriders 32:54, Apple Arcade 1:00:38, Fantasian 1:04:34, Looking for Heals 1:32:23


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