Episode 384: What'd You Do To My Mech!?!

Rob is starting white boy summer early by watching Aaron Sorkin flicks The Social Network and  Steve Jobs. Monster Hunter fever continues as Cado joins the fray, he and Austin talk through just how new player friendly this game is (spoiler: it’s not!) After the break, Rob and Austin have been checking out Genesis Noir, a crime story told through the lens of the beginning of the universe. Austin grabbed his favorite wrench and got to work in Mech Mechanic Simulator, but found the flavor of that world a bit lackluster. Then we dip into the question bucket and talk about developing critical skills.

Discussed: The Sorkinverse 3:22, Monster Hunter Rise 32:52, Genesis Noir 49:31, Mech Mechanic Simulator 1:06:57, Slay the Spire 1:17:41, Question Bucket 1:21:22


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