Episode 382: Life is Strange - Smallville

As the gap between big releases widens, the Waypoint Radio crew find themselves filling the time by diving deep into the Snyderverse. Austin is supplementing his Snyderverse dive with a dip into Batman: Arkham Origins, the (unfairly?) maligned prequel that seems better than some of the lauded sequels to Batman: Arkham Asylum. Rob has been checking out The Evil Within since its addition to Game Pass, and is starting to regret it. Patrick actually played a new game named Cozy Grove, a life-sim that he’s gelling with due to its narrative nature and daily limits on play. Cado is still playing Bravely Default 2, though at this point he’s not even sure why. And we take another dive in the briny bath of the Question Bucket to finally learn what a pickle actually is.

Discussed: The Snyderverse 0:24, Batman: Arkham Origins 25:15, Life is Strange True Colors 37:15, Riverdale 42:20, The Evil Within 46:11, Trash the Planet 56:02, Cozy Grove 1:02:34, Bravely Default 2 1:10:51, Destiny 2 1:19:24, The Question Bucket 1:35:24


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