Episode 381: The Sonic-DC Cinematic Universe

Rob is out on vacation this week which naturally means we spend an inordinate amount of time talking about the Zach Snyder DC movies??? Then, Austin and Patrick bring us Adios, a narrative focused game where you spend time talking to your would be murderer. Austin has been checking out Mundaun, the Swiss folklore based horror game with fully pencil drawn textures which, alongside killer sound design, are used to great effect to unsettle the player. After the break, Cado checks in with Magic: Legends, the new free-to-play Diablo-like based in the Magic: the Gathering universe. Patrick has been playing Fatum Betula, a horror game that is also a love letter to PS1 era aesthetics.

Discussed: The Snyderverse 2:20, Adios 30:19, Mundaun 45:52, Magic: Legends 53:30, Fatum Betula 1:09:33, Maquette 1:38:10, Question Bucket 1:39:57


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