Episode 380: This War with My Mother In Law

Ok so here's the situation. Sometimes when you're a space noble, you fall in love. Sometimes you marry that person for love, but or political reasons, but either way your sphere of connections grows. And sometimes, being related to someone ends up being, lets say, a complication when war is declared over what's a pretty simple breakdown of communication. Austin, Rob, and Cado have been enjoying the early hours of Star Dynasties, a game that could be described as "Crusader Kings III in Space," where the focus on political intrigue and character relationships leads to some wild circumstances. Also we dive into the question bucket with some important pickle follow up info, and the most important question we've ever received about bread.

Discussed: The Evil Within 2 0:39, Slay the Spire 10:13, Star Dynasties 12:10, Question Bucket 1:07:09


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