Episode 375: Take That Shit Out and Put It In a Pie

This week, we talk Stadia and Google’s inevitable shuttering of projects, the Mass Effect remaster and what it means to play a choice heavy RPG again this far out from its original release, Cado and Austin talk about the Dark-Souls-Like-but-not-quite Nioh 2, Patrick is excited to talk about Bower’s Fury some other time, and Austin’s going ham on Steam demos.

Discussed: Stadia 8:16, Mass Effect: Legendary Edition 22:01, Nioh 2 43:40, Bower’s Fury 1:01:32, CyberShadows 1:03:47, Black Book 1:06:48, Jupiter Moons Mecha Prologue 1:13:01, Tasomachi 1:14:28, Balan Underworld 1:16:53, Rogue Book 1:23:45, 13 Sentinels 1:24:58


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