Episode 374: Diamond Paws Diamond Claws

The GameStop situation has ... escalated since we last checked in on it. So this week we have Motherboard staff writer Edward Ongweso Jr, who's done some stellar reporting on what is actually going on behind the Redditors and the public breakdowns from hedge fund managers, to discuss who is really benefiting from this situation and consider if it's even possible for the "house" to lose. After the break, Austin checks in with the world of assassination, and has a heaping of praise fort Hitman III's Berlin level (as Cameron Kunzleman has for the site). Edward and Rob continue to find interesting political intrigue in Suzerain. Patrick is checking out the latest in the world of Mario by playing Super Mario 3d World and Bower's Fury, and finds a compelling distillation of Mario Odyssey's flaws without some of the fluff.

Discussed: GameStop Stocks 00:00, Hitman III 39:44, Suzerain 49:09, Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury 56:07, The Medium 1:06:07

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