Episode 303: The Rob's Kitchen Index

In a times of peril and great strife, we look to one man’s cooking habits as a sign post of our society. Is his starter healthy? Is his dough rising? How many loafs has he made this week? Rob regales us with a cooking update as Cado curses everyone with a disturbing cooking video. Patrick then takes us through the visually stunning but mechanically lacking Resident Evil 3 remake, who’s area design and ammo distribution defangs it’s horror elements. Rob is replaying Control, but not the new DLC, because much like two of the powers he missed in his first playthrough, he missed the fact that he had a new skip ahead save file for his move from Xbox to PC. We also discuss the recent rumors about a Mario-paloza coming to the Switch, and Patrick takes us through the confounding ending of Ori of the Will of the Wisps. Stay safe everyone.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons 16:32

Resident Evil 3 25:21

Control 56:52

Vampyr 59:29

Gordian Quest 1:08:05

Deep Sky Derelicts 1:10:23

The Room VR 1:14:05

Ori and the Will of the Wisps 1:21:49


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