Episode 567 - Playin' it Straight

It’s the penultimate week of Waypoint, and the crew is having a normal one—more normal than Overwatch 2, anyway. But first, Patrick’s checking out Humanity, where you help guide human souls to the afterlife…as a dog. Then, we dive into the confusing Mortal Kombat "1," Rob’s second (??) playthrough of Resident Evil 2, and praise the new cinematic platformer Planet of Lana. Finally, Patrick has concluding thoughts on Jedi: Survivor, and we debate a few contraptions people have made in Tears of the Kingdom before dipping into the question bucket.

Discussed: Humanity 2:06, Overwatch 2 Cancels its PvE Mode 16:53, Mortal Kombat 1 33:28, Resident Evil 2 44:50, Planet of Lana 58:06, Astro’s Playroom 1:07:49, Star Wars Jedi Survivor 1:17:26, The Question Bucket 1:36:33, Tears of the Kingdom 1:37:13, The Question Bucket 1:46:40

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