Episode 564 - The Bucket Provides

As we wind down our podcasts here at Waypoint Radio, segments have started to take on a mind of their own. The Question Bucket demands satisfaction, and Rob is going to try his damnedest to please it. Speaking of pleasing, unfortunately that is exactly what Redfall is not, even when the whole crew got together to give the multiplayer a go. After the break, Ren managed to make it out to a preview event for Street Fighter VI, and is happy to learn that the new systems in the game make it much more interesting than its predecessor. Then we dip back into the question bucket to discuss criticism and the concept of "making up a guy to who likes things to write a review for."

Discussed: The question bucket 00:00, Redfall 4:20, The Question Bucket 56:12, Street Fighter VI 1:00:21, The Question bucket 1:18:02, Outro and announcements 1:33:59

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