Episode 548 - The Assassination of Emperor Calus by the Coward Patrick Klepek

Patrick has been lured back into the deep embrace of Destiny 2, and in true Destiny fashion, has become one with the cheese. We wrap up our coverage of the Lightfall campaign and discuss difficulty spikes, community expectations, and where Patrick might swing to next on his Destiny journey. But first, Ren’s bringing us a new take on Sekiro-like combat with Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Then Patrick checks in on Dead Cell’s new Castlevania DLC. After the break, Rob’s curious about some of the announcements at Paradox’s recent announcement stream, and then we dive into the bucket to ask “how many Boston squares are you willing to walk for good food?”

Discussed: Wo Long Fallen Dynasty 0:32, Dead Cells Castlevania DLC 39:15, Destiny 2 Lightfall 48:00, Paradox Announcement Show 1:27:37, Starfield Delay 1:40:27, Question Bucket 1:40:27, Outro and Announcements 2:00:44

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