Episode 499: A Bungie-Shaped Funnel Cake

Cado's back! They've brought stories of mountains, horseback rides, and funnel cakes. But first, we discuss the lawsuits Bungie is bringing against users who have harassed its employees. After the break, Ren has been checking out an overhaul mod for 2018's Battletech called Battletech Advanced 3062, which adds infantry, vehicles, and more 'Mechs to the already great tactics game, and Patrick is checking in with the Live a Live Remaster, the first official western release of the cult classic game that holds up to its cult status.

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Discussed: Bungie Sues Harassers 4:45, Cado's Vacation 33:48, Pokemon Direct 44:03, Citizen Sleeper DLC 51:33, BattleTech Advanced 3062 1:04:04, Live a Live 1:33:41, South of the Circle 1:48:17, The Question Bucket 2:01:23, Outro and Announcements 2:06:34

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