Episode 498 - Cado Was Wrong About MultiVersus, Apparently

Special guest Trone L. Dowd from the Vice News team joins the Waypoint crew today to talk about balancing news writing with games writing, wrestling, and the games he’s been playing! As of this recording Cado is still out, which means the crew is gonna take a chance to totally blow up their opinion of a game (MultiVersus)  without letting them defend themselves! But that’s ok, because they have control of the podcast description and can say that maybe they had come off a little bit strong in their original assessment but hey, at least Ren admits that Cado’s read of the floaty nature of the game is sound! (Thanks Ren!). Back in the non-Cado land, Trone talks about Diablo Immortal’s monetization in relation to the industry’s ability to self regulate, Ren checks in with Xenoblade Chronicles 3, and Patrick is back to his Neon White grind.

Discussed: MultiVersus 2:07, Bear and Breakfast 23:47, Diablo Immortal 40:32, Neon White 1:01:32, Rob’s New Racing Game Purchase 1:05:25, WWE 2K22 1:11:29, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 1:23:24, Moderating Call of Duty 1:31:27, The Question Bucket 1:40:51, Outro and Announcements 2:03:17

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