Episode 488 - Keigh-3 is Upon Us (feat. Nextlander!)

Gamer's Christmas is upon us, in a new but not wholly unfamiliar form. Rob, Ren, Patrick, and Cado all gather round the traditional gamer's yule monitor to discuss the announcements of this year's not-quite-E3-but-basically-E3 season. But first, Patrick has a tale to tell, a story of wheeling, dealing, and high stakes email ignoring as he finds himself in the middle of a veritable Deals whirlwind that might have knocked a Sonos speaker off of a truck. After the break we have a special section from our stream with Nextlander's Alex Navarro and Brad Shoemaker, who joined us to talk over the Xbox/Bethesda showcase!

Discussed: Patrick's Sonos Saga 1:29, Summer Game Fest 12:24, Nextlander x Waypoint Discuss the Xbox Showcase 1:16:12, Outro and Announcements 1:49:44

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