Episode 485 - How Cold Should Milk Be?

Rob's been having some bad luck with home appliances recently, and as unfortunate as that is at least it makes for some good Content(tm). Before we get to that though, Rob, Patrick, Ren, and Cado discuss the current wave of unionization efforts across the US, including the ones beginning to crop up in the video game industry. Then, Patrick and Ren have been checking out the thematically resonant Hardspace Shipbreaker, a game about dismantling ships for scrap under contract for a corporation, and has some great writing and pointed criticism of labor practices and physical labor under late stage capitalism. After the break, well, we deal with a break, the potential breakdown of yet another large home appliance in Rob's house. Then, Rob tries to distract us from this tragedy with tales of his campaign in Daemonhunters, which is... almost certainly on the start of a death spiral. Then we enter the Cado Corner, where they talk about Multiversus, the Warner Bros. attempt at a platform fighter that doesn't feel particularly well tuned for the high speed play it's movement would suggest. On the bright side, Cado's been having a great time in the new Destiny 2 sea... wait no, not that, we're actually gonna talk about Roller Champions, the new free-to-play roller derby meets basketball game that actually feels really fun to control.

Discussed: Raven Software Union 0:34, Hardspace Shipbreaker 31:00, Rob's Fridge Debacle 54:40, Warhammer 40k Chaos Gate: Daemonhunters 1:23:19, Multiversus 1:35:22, Roller Champions 1:49:52, Phil Spencer Union Response 1:58:36, Outro and Announcements 2:01:07

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