Episode 476 - Strapped Up With That Glintstone

We've got a chock full episode for y'all this week, from Rob wondering about one of his recent purchases (Steam Deck) to Rob updating us on an old one (Speaker Update!) We're all still plucking away at Elden Ring, but Rob in particular has a new perspective on his build choice. After the break, we talk about the recent allegations of a union related firing at Nintendo of America, and how even if unionization isn't happening yet, the way contractors are treated may mean it's around the corner. Rob's jumping on to the recent point and click adventure game wave with Chinatown Detective Agency, of which the opening hours left Rob a bit unimpressed with it's puzzles (but to a puzzlemaster, aren't all puzzles simple?) Then Patrick tells us about his time with the Playdate, the new handheld crank-based console from Panic, the company that made that one FTP client back in the day. You know the one, with the little truck? Yeah that one. Stick around after the outro for some musings on US timezones, and how we should all just have our own Time Box (tm).

Discussed: Steam Deck 1:49, Elden Ring 5:27, Steam Deck Again 20:25, Rob Speaker Update 24:19, Nintendo Union Busting? 45:00, Chinatown Detective Agency 1:08:05, Playdate 1:25:08, Outro and Announcements 1:44:03

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