Episode 474 - BweeEEEEeeop SLAP

Rob Zacny, some would say, is a man of taste. And as any man of taste would be, he's incredibly discerning, especially when it comes to his Audio Equipment. Join Ren and Patrick as their whisked away on a tale of audio shops, conspiracies (!?), and audio speaker maintenance. After the break, Ren checked out Gundam Evolution, a new character based team FPS that has surprisingly good Mech-feel. Then she says some objectively wrong things about DOTA 2 that really made this producer question her judgment. Patrick has to address one point of clownification, er, clarification before our NORCO spoilercast drops later this week on Waypoint Plus, and then the crew takes a dive into the question bucket, where we learn that yes, in fact, Renata can be wrong (see: previous DOTA 2 statements).

Discussed: Rob Zacny's Audio Saga 1:51, Gundam Evolution 51:54, NORCO 1:20:07, Gettysburg 1:26:04, The Question Bucket 1:28:08

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