Episode 471 - The Halo 5 Defender has LOGGED ON

In what was certainly not supposed to be an episode of Waypoints, Rob, Patrick, Ren, and Cado all gather up to discuss the first episode of Halo, the Paramount Plus live action TV series based on the FPS juggernaut. Along the way, we learn that Ren has all of the Halo lore crammed into her skull alongside the assertion that "4 and 5 had good campaigns, actually." The crew discusses the production on the show, how it reads differently depending on your previous knowledge of Halo, and talk about how it compares to previous live action Halo media.

Forward Unto Dawn: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dTGqNRhm_qQ

Discussed: 0:00 Halo TV Show Episode 1

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