Episode 455 - Jail for Willy Wonka

What was originally a slow news week got suddenly extremely busy when Microsoft announced their intention to acquire Activision-Blizzard. Rob and Patrick wrote a lengthy piece for the site and go over some of the nuances of the announcement, how we got here, and whether or not the FTC will do anything to stop what seems like a fairly obvious step towards monopoly. After the break, Patrick is enjoying the grind in Nobody Saves the World as much as he didn't enjoy the end of Halo Infinite. Cado ran into a fan in Valorant, and accidentally ended the game in a 3 vs 1 clutch. Rob's "Old Game I'm Revisiting" this week fits right in with the rainy weather.

Discussed: Microsoft Activision Merger 1:31, Nobody Saves the World 54:35, Valorant 1:05:58, Alan Wake 1:13:33, Anchorhead 1:28:07, Outro and Announcements 1:29:53

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