Episode 453 - Rob's Year of Motorsports

The most of the WPR crew is getting back into the swing of things by wrapping up some games of 2021, but not before Rob and Patrick can talk about the end of the NFL's regular season. Cado however is going way back, to 2018, to check out Death Crown: the 1-bit art style and short match times made this RTS the perfect fit for a weekend full of other obligations. Patrick is closing the loop on Outer Wilds: Echos of the Eye, an ultimately welcome addition to what was a fantastic base game, even if the DLC does at moments rub the wrong way against the base game's structure. Then a surprise guest, a certain "mech-spert" if you will, joins us to talk about these Armored Core Rumors. After the break, Rob's been checking out WRC 10, a rally racing game in a franchise he's been largely (and maybe erroneously) ignoring.

Discussed: NFL Minute 4:31, Death Crown 23:50, Echos of the Eye 35:39, Echo's location Spoilers start 42:34, Spoliers end 43:20, Armored Core Leaks 55:05, NFL Aside 1:16:50, Lake 1:17:57, WRC 10 1:29:27, COVID talk 1:45:57, Outro Announcements 1:50:41

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