Episode 452 - The Gremlin Zone

We're back from the holiday break and we're here to share our experiences being tiny little gremlins. Patrick was the least gremlin of us all at first, playing through The Forgotten City in a normal, non-gremliny amount of time. Cado was his usual MOBA gremlin self, just a bit more than usual over the break. Rob's become a nog gremlin, as well as a tactical naval combat gremlin in Highfleet. Patrick re-entered Halo gremlin mode with Halo Infinite, just on Normal mode this time, while Rob is gremlining it up over in the Master Chief Collection.

Discussed: The Forgotten City 2:42, Cado's Gremlin Zone 25:08, Cado's Cruise Zone 31:23, Hightfleet 50:47, Halo Infinite 1:19:01, Halo MCC 1:38:19

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