Episode 448 - The Animatrix

We've got a special treat for y'all on Waypoint Radio today- a glimpse into our Waypoint Plus feed and the discussions on The Matrix Franchise we've been having. Special guest Gita Jackson joins Rob, Patrick, and Cado to dissect the 9 short animated films that make up The Animatrix, the lore and story implications they have, and how transmedia marketing became a diluted standard operating procedure after The Matrix.

Discussed: Final Flight of the Osiris 8:17. The Second Renaissance 20:21. Kid's Story 1:08:41, A Detective Story 1:27:59, World Record 1:33:09, Beyond 1:48:02, Matriculated 1:59:25, Program 2:15:41, The Animatrix and the Transmedia Blitz 2:24:41

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