Episode 271: The Embargo Zone

You have now entered THE EMBARGO ZONE. Most of the crew is playing new things they can't talk about yet, so we spend some time talking about The Mangler, a movie about a ... laundry folding machine? That's possessed by demon energy? Luckily, Austin played a game out of embargo, Disco Elysium, a CRPG with interesting mechanics but a fuzzy point of view. Patrick has been playing more Valfaris, the Metal album art inspired Contra-like, and Cado is still playing Indivisible, where he's made a new friend with a badass pirate. Then we have our MMO Minutes as Cado and his team of community Raiders have finished the new Destiny 2 Raid, and Austin has unlocked his new job as a Bard in Final Fantasy XIV.

Discussed: Disco Elysium 28:55, Divinity Fallen Heros 1:11:58, Valfaris 1:13:51, Indivisible 1:20:48, Destiny 2 Shadowkeep 1:29:22, Final Fantasy XIV 1:30:52


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