Moments: Breaking my Brother's Arm

In the last "moment" of the summer, Soila tells Leo about the time she broke her brother's arm. They talk about guilt, memory, responsibility and, in Leo's case, chucking musical instrument at her sister's knee.

Factual correction: the toy car was a "Little Tikes" car not a "Fisher Price" car.

Edited by Leonore Schick (@leo_sheek).

Sounds from Zapsplat and public domain US Army music.

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Our first ever transcript:

You're listening to Very Loose Women - Moments. 

Hello! I amm Soila and I'm joined by Leo. Hello Leo.


What we are doing today is a little a bit different. This is a short, or a moment- a moment in our lives. And in this short or moment -

We should just decide -

We should decide. I think in this moment, we're going to talk about the one where I broke my brother's arm.

So what happened?

I lived with my brother. I didn't live - and my mother obviously, not just me and him his six year olds or whatever. He was about eight or seven or eight and I was nine or ten. We were pretty much left to ourselves to get on with playing and life and whatever. You know, those plastic furniture that children have, like tables?

Yeah, where it's like a bit hollow.

Yes, yeah, I'm very light furniture. That's an important thing to remember -

I'll remember it -

How flexible and feeble move furniture is. We used to play all sorts of things I used to play with his Star Wars figurines. He would play with my Barbie doll - well Bratz dolls I had. We played together. We also used to do that thing where the floor is lava or balloon tennis in the living room. One of the things that we did was play the floor is lava in our bedroom. One day, I was like, why don't we jump on the table? My brother was like, Oh, well, we could do. And then - I think that's how it went? 

No, that's okay. 

We'll start again.

Memory and speaking are linked. How did it go? 

There was a thing where I encouraged him to put a chair - the plastic furniture child's chair - on top of the plastic furniture table. 

So you were like the evil devil whisperer?

Kind of. And then I told him to stand on the chair, so we can touch -

So wait, this is your big brother?

My little brother. 

You little brother. That's why he's doing everything he say. 

Yeah. He's about two years younger

Of course he is.

And I remember very vividly, it was like a neon green furniture set. He puts the chair on the table and then gets up on the table and then stands on the chair. And then I kicked the table leg and the table leg broke. And he fell, right on his arm. 

So you didn't mean to for it to fall. Why did you kick it?

I wanted to see what would happen. I was I was like, I'm going to kick this table. And I know it's going to wobble. So I've been doing that. 

Oh, so maybe it's going to scare him a little?

I guess so. But I definitely knew what I was doing and kicking that I knew that he would fall. I just didn't know if he would break his arm. So he fell, broke his arm. Of course he's screaming. I'm running down, like I said, sorry - that thing that a child does when their sibling is crying. He was then in a cast for however long.

What did he tell people?

I can't - I don't - you know what I don't know what he tells people. I always swore that it was an accident. I always swore it was - I was like, he fell, he fell, he fell. And then a couple of years ago, I was like you know what? I actually kicked that table. I actually - if I hadn't have kicked... For information regarding your data privacy, visit