Dogma (ft. Andy from Geek Salad)

Auguest continues!

Snootch to the motherf**king nootch! Verbal Diorama returns for another guest hosted episode for probably the best movie writer/director Kevin Smith has ever made - DOGMA.

There's no pleasure, no rapture, no exquisite sin greater than being joined for Dogma by the human embodiment of the Buddy Christ, Andy from Geek Salad, for his Holy Trinity of guest appearances. He has a penchant for the dramatic, but unlike other fallen angels, he won't kill you for your sins.

Kevin Smith tapped into his lapsed Catholicism and wrote an ambitious, controversial and theologically actually-rather-respectful; reverent, yet irreverent story.

You people! If there isn't a movie about it, it's not worth knowing, is it?

Andy (aka Perennial Commenter Andy!) hosts (Geek Salad) along with regular contributors Mike, Katherine and Joe. You can find their back catalogue of brilliant episodes in your podcast app of choice, and they're on Twitter as (@geeksaladradio)

I would love to hear your thoughts on Dogma!


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Andy, for being awesome and coming on!

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