#73 Bonus: Covid-19 Fact Checkers #11 The Old Normal?

Let’s be real. This year, everything since March has been soooooooo shit. 

People suffered tragic losses, millions lost their jobs, and heroic key workers have kept everything going, often without proper PPE. Meanwhile, many of our grandparents and immuno-compromised people are still indoors. 

But quarantining has offered, mostly the luckiest among us, an opportunity to reflect on our lives and, potentially, to reset them. Is there anything that happened to us over the last few months that has changed our lives for the better? 

For our last episode of Covid-19 Fact Checkers, guest host Moeed Majeed talks to Activist and Educator Nim Ralph, Social Entrepreneur Emily Mathieson, and Brent-based Young Creator Sophie AJ to discuss whether we should be returning to the ‘old normal’, or not. 

This episode was produced by Lucas Fothergill, Rose de Larrabeiti, Jess Lawson and Moeed Majeed. 

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