VAST Horizon - Rescue Underway

Rescue Underway. Now Docking. VAST Horizon returning May 2020...

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Written by K.A. Statz

Produced with Dialogue Editing by Travis Vengroff

Mixing with Sound Design by Sarah Buchynski - Polarity Audio Works

Script Editing by W.K. Statz


Computer – Fiona Thraille

Vessel Pilot – Sophia DeRise

Corporal Vince – Ryan Philbrook

Corporal Lee – Lindsay Zana

Dr. Yensig – Jamie Lanejohnson



“Adrift (The VAST Horizon Theme)" Written and Performed by Brandon Boone with Choir Arrangement by Steven Melin, Performed by The Budapest Scoring Choir

VAST Horizon art by Kessi Riliniki

This is a Fool and Scholar Production

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Sound Effects: (attribution licensees)

"Hardware Beeping" recorded by Sean Daniel Francis

Content Warnings:


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