S7 E37: Season Review - Manchester United 2021/22 (Part One)

It’s time for the Manchester United Weekly Podcast’s season review of 2021/22. In this two-parter, we’ll first be looking back at the campaign just gone, our favourite moments - and there were some - goals and players. We’ll consider, with a bit of hindsight, where it went wrong for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, and then where it went wrong for his interim successor Ralf Rangnick. We’ll compare the 21/22 defence to that of the season before, and the same for the attack, considering how the team’s style changed under Ole and then Ralf, and we’ll talk about a flurry of departures.

Note: We ran out of time to really dive into how much we love Juan Mata. What a great man. He will be missed in Manchester and at Manchester United.


00:00 Intro

01:00 Favourite moments of the season (yes, there are some)

07:00 This season v the Moyes era (a miserable question to ask)

10:20 Worst moments of the season

14:10 Goal of the Season

16:10 Player of the Season

18:25 Where did it go wrong for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer?

26:40 Where it go wrong for Ralf Rangnick?

34:00 Reviewing the defence - in comparison to 2020/21 - including set pieces and a new high-line

43:00 Reviewing the attack - in comparison to 2020/21 - including left-sided dominance

50:30 McTominay’s development (or lack thereof)

52:45 David De Gea

56:00 Departing players (with a primary focus on Pogba)

1:01:30 Outro

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