S7 E31: Anfield disgrace

Hosts Harry Robinson and Jack Tait reflect on an embarrassment for Manchester United at Anfield. First, Harry talks about the game from a sunny Liverpool and Anfield. If you want to skip straight to the normal analysis, head to 09:00 (10:00 with ads).

After talking Anfield, they answer the following Patreon questions:

Reed Blazer

With the number of players that look set to leave this summer, it seems like we may need to rely on some academy players playing a role in the first team.

Which players do you think have the best chance of breaking into the first team next season? The two that I would like to see are Hannibal and Laird, possibly Garner as well.

Korey Lennox

Don’t really want to speak about the match if I’m honest. Reports are coming in of a “revolution” this summer. Could be 6 to TEN new players coming in. How realistic do you think this is and anyone, in particular, you’d like it to be?

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